We hear this question almost every day from our clients. They frequently ask us, “Do we need to improve our digital maturity to achieve the highest level?” Or, “How do I score a 5?”

No matter how you spin it, some version of this question lingers in the minds of industry leaders. However, no organisation can simply snap its fingers and become digitally transformed. The reality is, unsurprisingly, that success is not universal.

Of course, digital transformation is about much more than replicating old practices with a digitised version…

It seems that the Metaverse is the most discussed topic nowadays. But what exactly is it? Is it a technology? Is it a social media platform? Is it a parallel universe? And most importantly, where is it and how do I get in?

Within days after Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement, the world has been divided into two groups. One group is loving the idea of a digitally inspired universe where we can live, full-time, and the other one is hating it. In which group do you find yourself?

For gamers, the early adopters of…

In our recent survey of European businesses, we have found that 90% of respondents are not measuring their digital transformation strategy, and remain unaware of the progress that they have made throughout their transformation.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve been through the darkest hours of this decade. Everybody adopted to the “new normal” more…

It is difficult to realise exponential growth. Most natural phenomena are linear. Acceleration, for example, occurs from point A to point B. In the case of a race car, a cheetah, or a sprinter, no matter how fast or how slow, organisms travel and accelerate in a linear fashion; steadily…

Digitopia Global Consulting

We are changing the way consulting is delivered through our Digital Maturity Index Platform by measuring, baselining, and benchmarking your digital maturity.

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