Digital Maturity is the New Swiss Army Knife for Digital Leaders

What does a Swiss Army knife have to do with a corporate environment? This sounds like a farfetched connection, but it is not. The key feature of the Swiss Army knife is having several tools in your pocket, always with you, accessible, in one place. Digital Maturity has the very same properties, providing several tools and benefits, with an all-in-one assessment, on a single platform, and one report, all at once.

Digital transformation is an exploding powder keg. Everybody is talking about it. Many are working on it, engaging in running or leading such transformation programs. All of this is easier said than done. Satisfying business expectations, balancing investment portfolios, motivating project teams, keeping track with emerging trends and technologies, all at the same time, is not easy. You should have a clear plan, the right capabilities, and your keep your goals and priorities straight.

Powerful executives lead their teams toward a digital vision.

Primarily, you must have a clearly defined and agreed upon vision for your digital transformation. Why do you do all those projects and investments? There must be a clear answer to this question, and preferably all stakeholders should be able to relate to it and understand it.

Measuring your digital maturity, especially the way Digitopia does it, will enable you to reach consensus for your digital vision. You will not only learn your current digital maturity score, additionally you also determine your future targets. The summary of your targets and your priorities are the best input into vision setting and strategy design.

We have unmistakable evidence that companies and executives who have a clear digital vision are five times more likely to succeed with their digital transformation programs.

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Digitopia Global Consulting

We are changing the way consulting is delivered through our Digital Maturity Index Platform by measuring, baselining, and benchmarking your digital maturity.