Do I Really Need to Strive Towards Digital Maturity Level 5?

We hear this question almost every day from our clients. They frequently ask us, “Do we need to improve our digital maturity to achieve the highest level?” Or, “How do I score a 5?”

No matter how you spin it, some version of this question lingers in the minds of industry leaders. However, no organisation can simply snap its fingers and become digitally transformed. The reality is, unsurprisingly, that success is not universal.

Of course, digital transformation is about much more than replicating old practices with a digitised version. In fact, what we’ve determined, from assessing the digital maturity of many different organisations, is that there are 6 core areas to focus on when undergoing any form of digital transformation. These make up the six dimensions in our Digital Maturity Index (DMI).

If you’re familiar with the DMI, you’ll know that these areas are:

  1. Customer
  2. Operations
  3. People
  4. Technology
  5. Innovation
  6. Governance

Covering the whole gamut from customer experience to operational excellence, from culture to innovation, and from leadership to technology, a DMI review provides you with a holistic overview of your organisation’s journey towards digital success.

So, what is the outcome you are seeking from your digital transformation? Which of the 6 dimensions will be your chief concern?

Counterintuitively, technology is of the least of concern since vendors and start-ups will flood you with solutions, often only complicating things further.

Yet who would not want to provide the best possible customer experience, powered by the best possible analytics, displayed on expertly designed digital channels, and at the lowest possible marketing cost? If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you’re what is it that’s driving your digital transformation?

Seamless value chains, frictionless processes, the highest possible product quality, the lowest possible energy consumption; no waste, no leakages, end-to-end traceability, real-time dashboard functionality, preventive maintenance, super-intelligent demand forecast, and supply planning. Ring a bell?

To be able to capture all the above value, you do need very strong technological capabilities. But to pursue these capabilities, you also need to attract and retain the best talent…

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We are changing the way consulting is delivered through our Digital Maturity Index Platform by measuring, baselining, and benchmarking your digital maturity.

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Digitopia Global Consulting

Digitopia Global Consulting

We are changing the way consulting is delivered through our Digital Maturity Index Platform by measuring, baselining, and benchmarking your digital maturity.

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